Artist Gallery - the works of Suzanne DesLauriers



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"Brasstown Creek" "Friends" "Mountain Bouquet" "Peach Treat" "Sailing Away" "Taking A Rest"
Brasstown Creek Friends Mountain Bouquet Peach Treat Sailing Away Taking a Rest

"Winter's Quilt" "Bales at Dawn" "Captain Good" "Cat Fishing" "Cooling Off" "Dew Drop Cabbage"
Winter's Quilt Bales at Dawn Captain Good Cat Fishing Cooling Off Dew Drop Cabbage

"Glen" "First Engineer" "Fish Facets" "Fish Tails" "Fish Zen" "Fishing"
Glen First Engineer Fish Facets Fish Tails Fish Zen Fishing

"Garden at Keith House" "Poppies" "Primary Colors" "Puerto Rican Promise" "Reflection at Pemaquid" "Rhythm of Paradise"
Garden at Keith House Poppies Primary Colors Puerto Rican Promise Reflection at Pemaquid Rhythm of Paradise

"Scarecrow Garden" "Taking a Dip" "The Blacksmith Shop" "The Farm House" "The Greek" "The Traveler"
Scarecrow Garden Taking a Dip The Blacksmith Shop The Farm House The Greek The Traveler

"Tom's Garden" "Birches" "Dawn" "Grand Opening" "Misty Gap" "Natural Healing"
Tom's Garden Birches Dawn Grand Opening Misty Gap Natural Healing

"Spring at Tower House" "Koi" "Sunny Dew"      
Spring at Tower House Koi Sunny Dew