Artist Gallery - the works of Suzanne DesLauriers



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"Orchard Pond" "Plum"        
Orchard Pond Plum        

"Fishing Hole" "Sky Creek" "Inland Waterway" "Morning Farm" "Turtle Pond" "The Vineyard"
Fishing Hole Sky Creek Inland Waterway Morning Farm Turtle Pond The Vineyard

"Morning Creek" "Study in Green" "Bee Balm" "Lake Sunset" "Dusky Coast" "Autumn"
Morning Creek Study in Green Bee Balm Lake Sunset Dusky Coast Dusky Coast

"Tree Study" "Marshall Point Light" "Big Blue Boat" "Birch Point Beach 1" "Birch Point Beach 2" "Cullasaja Falls"
Tree Study Marshall Point Light Big Blue Boat Birch Point Beach 1 Birch Point Beach 2 Cullasaja Falls

"Water Lily" "Morning Glow" "Autumn Walk" "Memory Rock" "Afterglow" "Blue Estuary"
Water Lily Morning Glow Autumn Walk Memory Rock Afterglow Blue Estuary

"Rocky Coast" "Spray" "Chances" "Sea Birds" "Evening Light" "Lavender Creek"
Rocky Coast Spray Chances Sea Birds Evening Light Lavender Creek

"Ripples" "After the Rain" "Sunset" "Hidden Falls" "December Light" "Reflections"
Ripples After the Rain Sunset Hidden Falls December Light Reflections

"Blue Water Creek" "Cone Flowers" "Mystic Forest" "Fall Path" "Cottage View" "Monhegan Coast"
Blue Water Creek Cone Flowers Mystic Forest Fall Path Cottage View Monhegan Coast

"Fires Creek Afternoon" "Red Hot Poker" "Cold Water Creek" "Rocky Inlet" "Mountain Falls" "Sunflower"
Fires Creek Afternoon Red Hot Poker Cold Water Creek Rocky Inlet Mountain Falls Sunflower

"Tide Pool" "Ford 100" "Dry Stream" "Jenice" "Mustard Field" "Morning Pond"
Tide Pool Ford 100 Dry Stream Jenice Mustard Field Morning Pond

"Marmalade Forest" "Old Ford" "Blacksmith Hollow" "Tree Dance" "Mountain Stream" "Brothers"
Marmalade Forest Old Ford Blacksmith Hollow Tree Dance Mountain Stream Brothers

"Aqua Marine" "Car Lot" "Savannah Sunset" "Magic Hour" "Best Friend" "Couch Cat"
Aqua Marine Car Lot Savannah Sunset Magic Hour Best Friend Couch Cat


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